Saint Mesmin.

"Our village" at the other side of the river. In the near future, there will be a footbridge again, so we will be able to descend, pass the river and climb up to St. Mesmin. In summer, there is a tourist info-point, where they sell refreshments.

St. Mesmin counts some 300 inhabitants, living in hamlets over a surface of 3000 hectares of land. In the village of St. Mesmin, there are 15 permanent inhabitants.
The name "Saint Mesmin" comes from Saint Maximus.

Night market
Small as it is, this village is very lively. In summer, there are various festivities, including 3 night markets in july and august. People can buy their food at the market stands, and roast it on the big barbeques, placed on the village square. Long tables are put underneath the big trees to eat what you have prepared, enjoy the music and savour the French atmosphere. We highly recommend these nightmarkets!